At the moment, this is a personal blog, but it may (or may not) evolve into something else. I prefer to write under a generic name, in part because the number of personalised exchanges that blogging produces is utterly wasteful of valuable energy. The views argued here are those of revolutionary socialism/communism, but postings will not necessarily be about politics at all. Nor does communism/socialism necessarily imply deference or reverence for any individual thinker, even Marx.

One thing that everyone in politics should bear in mind is that everything worthwhile that is devised by humans can also be distorted and negated by humans – usually, but not always, others. Nothing and no individual is immune from this organic weakness of humanity. Therefore all forms of excessive personal authority, all deference to supposedly infallible thinkers, is against the collective interests of those seeking emancipation from capitalism. Above all, at the moment, we need debate about ideas, and if this blog can play some small role in promoting that it will have done its job.


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