Hugo Chavez

05 Mar


Sad to see him die like this even though I don’t believe he was really the socialist force many believed.

He was still an outspoken left-nationalist and by that token, within those limitations, a spokesman for the oppressed of Latin America against imperialism, mainly of the US. He also had his enemies in Britain, including in the Labour Party – recall the role of the corrupt Blairite neocon Denis McShane in supporting the attempted coup against him in 2002. The mendacity should be infamous of those supporting an extra-legal coup d’etat against an elected leader while accusing him of being a dictator.

Imperialist hands off Venezuela! For a federation of workers states in Central and South America!


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3 responses to “Hugo Chavez

  1. Shanna Carson

    March 6, 2013 at 8:21 pm

    Hugo Chavez was definitely sincere about social justice, but I don’t believe he choose the best way to achieve that goal. Historically, socialism has always been detrimental to the people it was supposed to help. Also, I don’t understand why Chavez hated the US with such intensity. By the way, I noticed that countries whose leaders hate the US are usually countries where atrocities are commited on a regular basis…

  2. redscribe

    March 6, 2013 at 10:31 pm

    Actually, Chavez’ form of ‘socialism’ was social democracy and basically a reformed capitalism with state intervention, which I would criticise him for. But I see no evidence that he hated the US. Certainly not the ordinary American people. It is a fact that in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Chavez offerered large quantities of subsidised oil to those who survived and sought to rebuild their lives. Quite remarkable for the government of a comparatively poor country to offer to do this for Americans who were criminally neglected by their own, very wealthy government and establishment. This was blocked and rubbished by Bush.

    I think the truth is that the US ruling class, like many ruling classes in history (including the British when they ruled the roost) has utter contempt for the peoples of the countries it seeks to dominate.

    There is plenty of reason for ordinary Latin Americans in particular to hate the American ruling class – their atrocities are among the very worst in world history. That is not the same thing as hating the American people,

    The list of countries that the US has invaded and otherwise subverted and committed atrocities against in Latin America is pretty long. Particularly in Latin America, atrocities and death squads have almost invarably been the product of American training and encouragement. Pinochet, Videla, Rioss Montt, D’Ausuisson, and numerous other criminals who tortured and murdered their own people were mentored and funded by the CIA and the US ruling class.

  3. David Ellis

    March 8, 2013 at 3:39 pm

    Those pro-imperialist shit bags of the AWL are describing him as a `colourful Bonapartist’ showing they know nothing about nothing. Bonapartism is a military imposition on the class struggle that attacks first and foremost the working masses through the most brutal of means. Chavez if anything far from being a Bonapartist was too much in thrall to formal, vulgar bourgeois democracy and to eager to demonstrate his fealty to it. A proper Venezuelan proletarian revolution would have imposed some serious manners on the disgusting Venezuelan feudal and national bourgeois reactionaries and thrown a hell of a lot more of them into jail whilst confiscating the property that is the source of their repulsive rule.


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