London TUSC Election Launch

04 Mar


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One response to “London TUSC Election Launch

  1. David Ellis

    March 5, 2012 at 9:33 am

    It is not a bad idea to stand socialist candidates for the GLA whilst demonstrating solidarity with those who have illusions in the awful Ken Livingstone by not jeopardising his potential defeat of the Tory Boris Johnson. It is an opportunity to get a good hearing for your programme. Unfortunately the programme of TUSC is no more than vague platitudes very few of which any politician from any part of the political spectrum would disagree with. It is urgent that the radical left puts forward a short sharp programme of the most immediate and transitional demands around which it can unite first itself and then the masses as well as use as the basis for united front agreements aimed at exposing the opportunists, anarchists and other hostile political forces.

    This is the radical class struggle programme I would put forward:

    Defend all desirable and necessary public services and welfare; balance the budget by collecting sufficient income tax; end the bail out of the banks; for a state monopoly of credit to facilitate social investment and lend to small business as base rate; socialise and democratise the profiteering monopolies and share the available productive work without loss of pay for a regime of Full Employment as a matter of the utmost urgency. For a federation of British nation states and N.I. and a renegotiation of the founding treaties of the EU in accordance with socialist principles.


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