The first meeting of the ISN was on Saturday 29 October in London.

30 Oct

[This article is cross-posted from the website of the Independent Socialist Network, a body within TUSC (Trade Union and Socialist Coalition) which the author supports. A fuller analysis of the strengths, weaknesses and possibilities of TUSC will be posted at a later time. I intend to publish soon the conclusion of my article ‘What kind of party does the working class need?, part 1 of which was published a while ago, and at least some of these issues will be dealt with there.]

The ISN aims to bring together all socialists and trade unionists, who are not members of existing socialist groups, who think we need a new working-class party committed to arguing the case for socialism.

The ISN works with members of the Socialist Party, the Socialist Workers Party to build TUSC as the best way of working towards that objective. The ISN aims to provide an arena for non-sectarian, comradely debate on the independent socialist left and to help organise the independents’ participation in the discussion and practical process involved in building a new party.

16 TUSC supporters attended the meeting and agreed to build TUSC and the ISN as a voice for independents who want to participate in TUSC. There was a vote to elect the ISN representative on the TUSC steering committee. Will McMahon received 8 votes, Pete McLaren received 6 votes, Steve Ballard received 1 vote, with one person not voting. Given the votes for Will and Pete it was agreed to ask the Steering Committee if both could attend meetings, otherwise they will alternate attendance. It was agreed to hold the next national ISN meeting on Saturday 14 January 2012 in London.

If you are not currently a member of a socialist group but want to work with other independent socialists and trade unionist in building TUSC and arguing for a new socialist party, contact . A fuller report will be available in due course.


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