Arab Revolution Strikes Zionist Embassy: Chickens Come Home to Roost.

11 Sep

The likes of Cameron, Sarkozy and Obama, fresh from their attempt to take control of the revolution of the Arab masses and divert it from overthrowing despots and establishing real democratic and social gains for the masses, and instead use it as tool to replace a despotism the imperialists mistrust with one they can rely on, suffered a serious setback in the last couple of days.

They may yet come to rue what they have done in Libya: their chickens are coming home to roost. Because a real revolution – and the pan-Arab revolution is a real revolution – cannot be so easily manipulated and diverted. I wonder what the Libyan masses think of the Egyptian masses’ heroic onslaught on the Zionist Embassy in Cairo? Most likely they regard it as part of the same struggle that they are themselves engaged in, against oppression, against Arab tyrannies and imperialist and Zionist terrorism alike.

Arab masses storm Israeli Embassy, Cairo

The overwhelming offensive by Egypt’s democracy protesters against the Zionist embassy, the symbol of numerous massacres and ethnic cleansing of fellow Arabs, is an act of liberation comparable to anything that has been achieved in Libya with the trampling of Qadaaf’i’s graven images into the dust and sand. Indeed, it is reminiscent of the collapse of the Berlin Wall, and other euphoric acts of mass liberation.

The revolution has again thrown down the gauntlet to the military ‘interim’ rulers of Egypt. And now they are arresting numerous demonstrators and planning special military kangaroo courts to extract vengeance against the heroes who stormed the Zionist citadel.

This will be a key issue in the next stage of the revolution, it appears – the struggle to expel Mubarak’s despotic military from politics altogether will be given an impetus by this issue, as the military reveal themselves as lackeys, as was Mubarak himself, of the worst enemies of the pan-Arab revolution.

Hail the heroic democracy protesters who have exposed again the links between Zionism and military despotism in the Arab countries. Long live the pan-Arab revolution!


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